Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because Who Doesn't Love A Good Break Up Song

I was getting high and thinking about my ex-girlfriend. And then I couldn’t actually remember who my ex-girlfriend was. I’m more of an “It’s Complicated” kinda guy so for sake of blogging, let’s say I have many an ex-girlfriend. SO who am I speaking about specifically you may ask? ALL OF THEM!

Let’s be fair though. It takes one to make one an ex and I’d like to think that I’m about 70/30 when it comes to dealing the break up and receiving it. I’m sure I was to blame for most of my relationships gone awry but we all did our parts. I need not go into detail. If you’ve ever grown up in life, you should have encountered this situation in some way, shape or form.

Which brings us to the theme of the moment…truly, it doesn’t bring us to that thought.

But this will.

You remember that conversation you and your ex had about loving each other, fully respecting one another’s autonomy and that in the end, you just wanted to see each other happy. But then something happened: you’re not together anymore.

I for one would like to think that any promise made during a relationship should only apply during the term of that relationship (except those rare special cases, like, “I won’t fuck your best friend”). And so now that the relationship is over, should you honor those promises?

Maybe. But if you’re like me (and I get a sneaking suspicion you are) you didn’t. You probably didn’t curse them out or wish death upon them, but you definitely didn’t want to see them happy.

And THIS, my friends, brings us to the question of the hour (for real this time):

Sometimes, when I’m all alone and no one is watching, I secretly wish my ex is alone and suffering and thinking about me. 


Judge all you want but you know that you’ve had this feeling at least once in your life. You may even be BEST FRIENDS with your ex: and for a moment, when she is crying to you about what her current man did and you are consoling her…you slightly smirk to yourself and think (and you thought I was gonna be the only one. SUCKER!)

If you’re thinking this is an everyday thought, you’re very wrong. It happens every once in a while, during the break up scene of a good movie or when you hear a certain type of song…which brings me to our conclusion…

If we all know this feeling and hate this feeling, why do we have so many songs about it? And good songs at that? Why would anyone want to relive this terrible feeling? It’s a rhetorical question so don’t even answer in your head. I know why. And if you don’t then I guess it’s one of those little dirty secrets of life that you only see in Disney movies.

Below are a list of some of the songs that “WE” (because your on my side while your reading this) hope the exes are singing about us and beneath that are the songs they’re probably really playing. I’m aware that there are many more but these are some of OUR favorites.

1. N’Sync : I Want You Back - Half of yall didn’t even realize this was a sad song so busy dancin’. 
2. Deborah Cox  ft R.L. : We Can’t Be Friends – Great song, and they sing it together. Depending on which way you swing, I’m sure you think some one was hurt more in the song. 
3. R. Kelly: I Can’t Sleep – This is back when R. Kelly was singing, not sing/rapping. And he sang the shit out of this song. Your ex aint even know they were missing you until they heard this song. 

1. Cee-lo Green: Fuck You – The title pretty much says it all. But in case it doesn’t this would be your ex saying FUCK YOU

2. Eamon: I Don’t Want You Back - You remember this song. Dude couldn’t really sing, chorus highlighted by “Fuck you you bitch, I don’t want you back”. Yeah. Your ex may be feeling this way right now

3. Everyone who did a Marvin’s Room Remix: Marvin’s Room – While I am not a fan of the song I am aware that many an ex has used the lyrics to say some soft ass, passive aggressive shit. Good for them.
Bet You Ain't Know It Was  A Movie About White Folk With Cancer

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